Recommended Books

Over the years, I have accumulated what I consider some of the best books on leadership, customer service, change implementation, business management, and personal development. I would like to share my recommended reading list with you. Some of these books are life-changing. A brief description of the goal of each is provided.

If you have a favorite to add, I would love to hear from you.

The Veterinarian’s Guide to Healthy Pet Plans
Co-authored by Debbie Boone
By Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, & John Christensen – Read as a team to focus the staff. Goal – understanding that we create the culture in our business – it is a choice.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
By Stephen R. Covey – Lessons on how to live a life of meaning and accomplishment
Who Moved My Cheese?
By Spencer Johnson, MD – Helps people understand why change is difficult – and necessary
The One Minute Manager
By Ken Blanchard – Lessons to managers on how to delegate and accomplish great things using the correct methods with your staff
Seeds of Greatness
By Denis Waitley – Learn the power within you.
The Exceptional Presenter
By Timothy Koegel – Every person who speaks to a client is a professional speaker – learn how to use powerful communication to move clients to “yes”
The Leadership Pill
By Ken Blanchard – Learn how to be a real leader who inspires your team
Gung Ho!
By Ken Blanchard – Team work
The New Gold Standard—Lessons from the Ritz Carlton
By Joseph Machilli – Learn how to give exceptional service to you clients by the company that does it best
The Fred Factor
By Mark Sanborn – Lesson in positive attitude
Any of John Maxwell’s books on Leadership
By John Maxwell is the most powerful force in leadership training in the world. His books are all excellent, easily understood and inspiring.
Good to Great
by Jim Collins – Well known in business circles this book explores what makes some companies endure and make a difference in the world while others of similar size and age never reach the heights of being great.
Tribal Leadership
By Dave Logan – Understanding humans is vital to the success of a veterinary practice. People are drawn to certain leaders in their “tribe”. Learn how have your clients embrace you as part of their “tribe”.
How to Choose the Right Person for the Right Job Every Time
By Lori Davila and Louise Kursmark – This is my go-to book on developing job descriptions, competency and interviewing. A must read for hiring managers.
If You Have Employees You Really Need this Book
By Jerry Osteryoung, Timothy J. O’Brian – A great practical book on hiring and managing your team
The Cost of Bad Behavior – How Incivility Is Damaging Your Business
By Christine Pearson – Enlightening book on the damage bad behavior, bullying and even snide remarks are doing to business.
Shine – Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People
By Edward Hallowell, MD – Learn the science behind understanding your employees and become better able to support them by placing them in positions where they will succeed.
Brain Rules
By John Medina – My favorite book on neuroscience. Learn how the brain works and how it applies to training your team.
If Disney Ran Your Hospital
By Fred Lee – Veterinary teams often forget that clients are watching their every action. This book discusses how Disney training can improve your client experience.
The Checklist Manifesto
By Atul Gawande – Shocking revelations about how something as simple as a checklist can save lives. Stresses the importance of setting up standards of care and protocols.
Crucial Conversations
By Grenney, McMillian, Switzler & Patterson – Veterinary teams have these conversations every day in practice and often they are huge communication failures. If we improve our dialog we improve the health of our patients and the wellbeing of our team.
Crucial Accountability
By Grenney, McMillian, Switzler & Patterson – Continuing the theme of Crucial Conversations this book teaches how to have those conversations when team members don’t comply with company needs and hold them to their promise of improvement.
By Gino Wickman – Excellent business management book that gives a step by step plan of action for improving your veterinary business practices.
High Conflict
Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out - By Amanda Ripley - explains how people get embedded into positions and how they can find the way out.
The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable
By Patrick Lencioni- Breaks down why teams are in discord and examines how to make repairs.
Stories That Stick
By Kendra Hall – shares the value and techniques of building your brand story.
Nipped in the Bud, Not in the Butt
By Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton – How to Use Medication to Resolve Conflicts over Animals.
How to be Good at Performance Appraisals
By Dick Grot
The Sandler Rules
By Dave Mattson - teaches the emotion behind how people choose to buy.
Building a Story Brand
By Donald Miller – learn how to create a brand for your business using a story framework.
Just Listen
By Mark Goulston – Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.
Talking to Crazy
By Mark Goulston – How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life.
How to Price Effectively
By Utpal Dholakia, Matthew Humphrys, et al – A Guide for Managers and Entrepreneurs.
Start With Why
By Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.
Invent and Wander; The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos
– learn how one of the most brilliant minds in our age thinks about business and customer service.
The Miracle Morning
By Hal Elrod – start your day set for success.
Knock Your Socks Off Service
By Performance Research Associates
Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard
By Dan and Chip Heath
The Confidence Code – the Science and Art of Self Assurance
By Katty Kay and Claire Shipman
Verbal Judo, Updated Edition: The Gentle Art of Persuasion
By George J. Thompson PhD, Jerry B. Jenkins, et al.
Man’s Search for Meaning
By Viktor Frankl - One of the most important books on understanding your power to control you mind. A book for finding purpose and strength in times of great despair.
Thinking Fast and Slow
By Daniel Kahneman - Understand your brain and how decisions are made.

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